Ashley Hayden

Hey there, I’m Ashley.

I initially started Bit Disruptive in early 2013 as an attempt to create a Kickstarter for Bitcoin projects. I had no idea how I’d actually do that but it was an idea I had and worked at it for a few months before giving up on it and getting back to my day job as a bartender. I did get the bar I was working at to accept BTC at the time: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/jan/11/spokane-bar-welcomes-bitcoin-giving-digital/


Today Bit Disruptive is meant to be a simple portal for N00Bs to get started on their crypto education. There are a ton of resources out there today and many amazing evangelists that do an amazing job at teaching about Bitcoin and blockchain projects. Bit Disruptive will point you to them.


Follow my personal Twitter for terrible shit posting and incoherent crypto thoughts.