Hey there, I’m Ashley.

I initially started Bit Disruptive in early 2013 as an attempt to create a Kickstarter for Bitcoin projects. I had no idea how I’d actually do that but it was an idea I had and worked at it for a few months before joining swarm.fund. This website morphed into an educational portal that I could send people to so they would be able to learn about Bitcoin and the Blockchain on their own.

I have¬† 9+ years experience in the Bitcoin industry. I have been involved in numerous SAAS startups over the last 11+ years and also started in the “Online Learning Vertical” at Refresh Miami.

Also, I did get the bar I was working at to accept BTC way back when: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/jan/11/spokane-bar-welcomes-bitcoin-giving-digital/

Today Bit Disruptive is meant to be a simple portal for N00Bs to get started on their crypto education. There are a ton of resources out there today and many amazing evangelists that do an amazing job at teaching about Bitcoin and blockchain projects. Bit Disruptive will point you to them.